Under the clouds


What is this mysterious world under the clouds actually?

You can look for the answer to this question all your life and you might not find it. But you might get an infinite pleasure from the process of looking for it. You need only to stop, take a deep breath and look around: the sunset over the sea plays with new colors every day, the dew drops on blades of grass shimmer and burn myriad of lights in the morning sun, sound of waves dispose to a conversation with true "inner self" and the first snowflakes are all also perfectly beautiful as they were in childhood. For those who find themselves in harmony of nature and simple pleasures we have created Under the Clouds brand.


For whose who don't have all the answers


A big and serious text about us was supposed to be in this page. It was written, read and removed to the "archive" folder, where such serious things should be placed. And in fact, here is what we really wanted to say: during the process of creation Under the Clouds clothes, we were guided by the principles, which, perhaps, will not help us to get million-dollar super-profits, but they coincide with our understanding of what is right and good. - We will not hold sales and participate in "Black Fridays". We prefer to create a smaller collection and will not sell remnants at half price. - Our clothes will not cost all the money in the world. But it will not be sold for cheap, because the quality of our things allows them to be part of your life for a long time. - Our products are not promoted by professional models. We prefer to see "next door" girls on our photos, as they are not less beautiful. And they are "truthful" in their beauty. - Our clothes are created to give you a special mood. That's why we recommend to wear it for special occasions.

To ensure that this text is not long and serious, we will finish this chapter here and now. And please, don't forget to look at the clouds more often.



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